Do you know why a GP is the most important doctor you see? Because it is him or her that knows all your health problems, and has the best knowledge of your medical history. It is a GP that refers you to a specialist and provides continuing health care which can last for a large part of your life.

A GP is a spe­cia­list in inter­nal medi­cine who takes long-term care of a patient and tre­ats the most com­mon dise­ases such as a cold, flu and other minor ail­ments. Despite the fact they all might seem tri­vial to you, they can all have serious con­se­qu­en­ces if left untreated.

Keeping that in mind, your cho­ice of a GP can­not be arbitrary!

It is cru­cial for your GP to be a high-class spe­cia­list who can reach a cor­rect dia­gno­sis quic­kly in order to stop the dise­ase from spre­ading. The GP in Top Medi­cal Cli­nic is a skil­led prac­ti­tio­ner with vast cli­ni­cal expe­rience, also spe­cia­li­sing in aller­go­logy and pul­mo­nary diseases.

Our GP sur­gery offers dia­gno­stics and tre­at­ment in the fol­lo­wing areas:

  • Heart and cir­cu­la­tory sys­tem diseases
  • Respi­ra­tory sys­tem diseases
  • Endo­crine sys­tem diseases
  • Gastro­in­te­sti­nal sys­tem diseases
  • Bone and joint diseases

If you value your health – book an appo­int­ment with our spe­cia­list today!


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