Touch accompanies us from the first moments of our lives and is undoubtedly a wonderful medicine! Whereas massage is an ideal reflection of 'touch' and relaxation for the body, soothing and calming physically and mentally, when time you can devote to yourself is so scarce.

If you are looking for a mas­seuse visit our sur­gery in Top Medi­cal Cli­nic – the world of rela­xa­tion, sere­nity and health.

We pro­vide you with pro­fes­sio­nal service and ple­asant, pri­vate atmo­sphere. The sur­gery is arran­ged in such a way so as to cre­ate a uni­que space for tre­at­ment that will make you feel truly excep­tio­nal. Here you will find your inner tra­nqu­il­lity, well-being and rest, as well as get rid of any tro­uble­some ail­ments. The sur­gery welco­mes women and men alike.

Our offer:

  • Swe­dish Mas­sage – rela­xing and invi­go­ra­ting, helps to remove ten­sion and achieve a sense of gene­ral well-being,
  • Deep Tis­sue Mas­sage – a form of soft tis­sue the­rapy resto­ring cor­rect ten­sion in deeper lay­ers of muscle tis­sue and con­nec­tive tissue,
  • Aro­ma­the­rapy Mas­sage – rela­xes, calms the sen­ses, resto­res vita­lity, sti­mu­la­tes deto­xi­ca­tion and blood cir­cu­la­tion, sup­plies body and brain with oxy­gen, impro­ves the ove­rall con­di­tion of the organism,
  • Hot Stone Mas­sage — sends soothing heat to musc­les and tis­sues, balan­cing your energy cen­tres, rele­asing ten­sion and sti­mu­la­ting blood circulation,
  • Cho­co­late Mas­sage – thanks to antio­xi­dants natu­rally found in cho­co­late this mas­sage can effec­ti­vely stop aging pro­cess, improve skin tone, and bring back its ela­sti­city and smoothness,
  • Anti-cellulite Chi­nese Cup­ping Mas­sage – sti­mu­la­tes lym­pha­tic and blood cir­cu­la­tion, helps to get rid of toxins and waste from the organism,
  • Her­bal and Fruit Stamp Mas­sage – remo­ves bloc­ka­ges in energy flow, impro­ves lym­pha­tic and blood cir­cu­la­tion, boosts the immune sys­tem, alle­via­tes pain, redu­ces muscle ten­sion, remo­ves toxins and sti­mu­la­tes the orga­nism to rege­ne­rate and rebu­ild cells

With us you will rege­ne­rate your body, calm your nerves and restore phy­si­cal and men­tal balance.


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