If you feel you are going through a difficult period, you need to improve your current frame of mind and quality of life, you might be in need of an objective and professional guidance. Together we will look for solutions leading to a more conscious, meaningful life.

In Top Medi­cal Cli­nic we offer indi­vi­dual the­rapy as well as couples coun­sel­ling. Your first meeting with a psy­cho­the­ra­pist is usu­ally in the form of a 30-minute conver­sa­tion which gives an ini­tial outline of the pro­blem, and makes it possi­ble for you and your the­ra­pist to esta­blish the goal of the the­rapy as well as regu­la­rity, cha­rac­ter and dura­tion of sessions.

Range of treatment:

We offer dia­gno­stics and tre­at­ment of such men­tal disor­ders as: addic­tion, depres­sion, pho­bias, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disor­ders, beha­vio­ural and per­so­na­lity disor­ders of various kind and ori­gin, as well as eating, sle­eping and emo­tio­nal disorders.

What you can expect from regu­lar sessions:

  • impro­ved quality of life,
  • disco­ve­ring your needs, emo­tions, new ways of buil­ding pro­per rela­tions with other people,
  • posi­tive change in thinking,
  • abi­lity to deal with anxiety,
  • taking more con­trol of your life,
  • impro­ved self-esteem,
  • per­so­na­lity integration.

Remem­ber! The effects of psy­cho­the­rapy are not momen­tary but lasting – any change you intro­duce in your psy­cho­lo­gi­cal pro­ces­ses will ena­ble their future, spon­ta­ne­ous pro­gress even after your the­rapy is over.

A good psy­cho­the­ra­pist will help you cure your soul…


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