Teresa Drzewiecka Research Laboratory

Research Laboratory  Teresa Drzewiecka

She has gained her vast nursing experience while working for nearly 30 years in such medical fields as laryngology, stomatology, orthopaedic surgery, ophthalmology and endoscopy procedures.

She possesses invaluable medical knowledge regarding especially the youngest patients, including premature infants and newborns. Among her patients were also children at the oncology ward, whom she treated with full responsibility and unmatched kindness. Conscientious in her daily duties, always keeps in mind patient's age and health condition. She is able to competently assess her patients' condition, their attendance needs and health problems.

Client Testimonials 36

Very pleased with the service. Nurse is very helpful, answers all questions, blood test taken quick and professional, pain free.

This is my 1st visit and I am very impressed with your lovely clinic. How clean it is, great customer service from your reception staff, even if I’m not Polish. Nurse Teresa was lovely always checking if I was ok during my blood test. Thank you.

Very nice people took good care of me. Will use them again.

Nurse Teresa was very nice and helpful, very friendly, I would recommend her to all my friends. I will be coming back to this practice.

Had a blood test. Felt absolutely comfortable and assured. Very fast and good service.

Lady was very good. Take my Blood was very good, excellent. Very good

Excellent! Nurse very polite and assured that was comfortable. She was explaining to me how things work and it made me feel conformable. Thank you

The nurse is Fantastic. She is very kind. Thank you

Ten out of ten!

Great service, excellent clinic room. Infection control are well observed. Well-organised nurse