Teresa Drzewiecka Research Laboratory

Research Laboratory  Teresa Drzewiecka

She has gained her vast nursing experience while working for nearly 30 years in such medical fields as laryngology, stomatology, orthopaedic surgery, ophthalmology and endoscopy procedures.

She possesses invaluable medical knowledge regarding especially the youngest patients, including premature infants and newborns. Among her patients were also children at the oncology ward, whom she treated with full responsibility and unmatched kindness. Conscientious in her daily duties, always keeps in mind patient's age and health condition. She is able to competently assess her patients' condition, their attendance needs and health problems.

Client Testimonials 36

Nice, fast no pain service. Very friendly and smile Mrs Teresa.

Very good, professional, lovely, carrying Doctor and nurse.

Very good, pleasant and professional service. Very quick and efficient.

I’m very pleased and it was everything fine.

I was very pleased with all process and very warm talk with nurse.

Very good professional, lovely caring nurse.

So nice and full of knowledge Nurse. She was able to answer to all of my queries.

Nice people! Very professional staff. I will come back with all my family!

I am very glad that I saw Mrs Teresa today. She is professional and very kind. She answered to all of my questions. I will recommend that place.

Very professional care. Blood test was quick and painless. Extremely nice Mrs Teresa. Thank you. I will be back for sure.