Dr Jadwiga Grosicka Pediatrician, Neonatologist

Pediatrician, Neonatologist Dr Jadwiga Grosicka

She graduated from the Mikołaj Kopernik Medical Academy in Kraków. A specialist in Paediatrics and Neonatology – taking care of a child from the day of its birth to puberty.

She evaluates children's overall health and development, investigates and diagnoses diseases, looks after newborns as well as healthy and ill children. Her fields of expertise are prophylaxis, diagnostics and treatment of childhood and infancy diseases.

She truly adores children, which makes her work full of incredible dedication and pleasure. In addition to her unparalleled knowledge and medical experience, she possesses a great talent to communicate with the little ones. She is a lovable and open person, always taking her time with every patient, providing thorough and careful examination and taking parents' opinion into consideration at all times.

Client Testimonials 16

Very professional doctor and good recommendation. Thank you.

I have been attending Top Medical Clinic with my son Razin since he was 5 months old. He is 18 months now, and I can honestly say that this clinic provides a caring and professionally orientated medical service all the times. The staff always show willingness and readiness to offer assistance even during busiest times and are also extremely kind, polite and respectful. I have also been very impressed with the hygiene and cleanliness at Top Medical Clinic which is always of a high standard. I would also like to bring to your attention one extraordinary pediatrician at Top Medical Clinic, Dr Jadwiga Grosicka, who without a shadow of doubt, deservs a special mention as I cannot thank her enough for all what she did for my son when he had pneumonia and when none of the NHS healthcare professionals were able to diagnose is. Her professional expertise and continuously accurate diagnosis and treatment are immensely invaluable to me and my son, and I just wish other NHS professionals were as professional and highly knowledgeable as Dr Grosicka, so so that more little patients could experience her excellent care. I do not know how CQC rewards exceedingly goos staff, but Dr Grosicka certainly deserves the highest possible recommendation.

Very quick and efficient doctor. I was seen on time and doctor took time to listen and understand the problem. Very through interview. Happy with the visit and will come back again.

I spoke to a very efficient and friendly staff at the reception who booked me in for a visit without any delay. On the day at a visit I was met by a very friendly receptionist. Dr Grosicka is an excellent paediatrician, with an exceptional skill for handling children. She took time to check to my daughters chest (back and front), to check her ears, throat and nose. She weighed her, measured her and conducted an extensive interview.

Dr Jadwiga Grosicka has provided medical consultations for my three children, Yasmin, Zara and Razin on numerous occasions at this clinic. I found her extremely professional, friendly and reassuring throughout the visits. Dr Jadwiga Grosicka is certainly a credit to TOP Medical Clinic and the care she provides for young patients is outstanding. I cannot stress enough that her recent ‘spot-on’ diagnosis’ saved my 9-month-old son’s life when she diagnosed him with pneumonia as well as treated him without hospitalization where several doctors together with Paediatric Emergency Department at the hospital and ambulance services had failed to do so; they were all trying to convince me that he must have bronchiolitis when his condition was deteriorating rapidly. Dr Jadwiga Grosicka with her quick and accurate diagnosis, could not have been more kind, caring and highly knowledgeable, and I cannot express my gratitude and enough praise to her for this. My children adore Dr Jadwiga Grosicka, are treated with utmost friendliness, warmth and care at every visit, and they always look forward to seeing her again. In the light of the above, I would, without hesitation, highly recommend Dr Jadwiga Grosicka to any mother wishing to see her with her child or children at TOP Medical Clinic as she truly deserves a recognition, not only for her skill and exceptional medical knowledge, but also for her professional approach, warmth, friendliness and empathy towards the youngest patients and their parents. In my opinion she does not need to improve in any area as her medical professionalism and credentials are second to none, and it goes without saying that I would not find a paediatrician like her anywhere else.

Very Good approach to our baby proper diagnose as usually very pleased with visit

The paediatric doctor was exceptional and very thorough in her investigation. My 3yr old daughter was very comfortable and relaxed in the consulting room which was also very child friendly. The clinic as a whole is super-efficient in terms of bookings and general reception and communication. Very polite and helpful. As a whole an efficient and professional service which we shall continue to use ongoing.

We very pleased from the visit. We will be recommending the doctor among our friends.

Thank you very much for a professional visit. I will come back wnenever I wil need some advice or help, and will recommend your Clinic to my fiends. Regards,

Dr Jadwiga Grosicka is a very good specialist with a great approach to children, they love her. She has a very good knowledge of medication in both the UK and Poland. She is always full of good advice and open to all your questions. It is such a relief knowing that our children are under professional care. She discovered the mummer in our daughter’s heart. So we could take further steps and now Hanna is under professional cardiac care.