Magdalena Gunia Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienist  Magdalena Gunia

Magdalena has been qualified dental hygienist, for more than 11 years.
She closely cooperates with dentists in the field of oral hygiene and. Informed our patients that proper daily oral hygiene is a prerequisite for maintaining healthy teeth throughout their lives.
She informs children and adults about dental care, such as basic teeth care, advise on the choice of a manual or electric toothbrush adjusted to the individual needs, help to choose a toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss etc. from a wide range of commercially available dental products.
Using special phantoms, models and sample toothbrushes, she presents the best way to clean the teeth.
Performing hygiene and prophylaxis treatments: scaling (removal of hard dental deposits-calculus), air polishing, topical fluoride application, fissure sealing for children. She Completed Numerous Training Amongst Other: "New view on individual prevention. Modern oral hygiene techniques", ”Prevention Solo-Profi ","Do not be afraid of surgery".
She has an excellent communication and interpersonal skills. She is committed, passionate and enthusiastic about work with patient.
Magda is always willing to gain more qualifications and further her development.
In her private time, she is interested in advertising and psychological spit. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Silesia in Katowice, the direction of Sociology of Advertising and Social Communication.
She loves to cook and to spend her free time actively with her friends.
She also likes to attend salsa clubs and she is a big fan to travel and explore new places.

Client Testimonials 2

Thanks for the cleaning today. She was very nice and cleaned my teeth properly. I will recommend services.

I had appointment today with Magdalena (Dental Hygienist). She was polite and professional. Before a treatment she gave me an advice about mouth hygiene. Full cleaning was not painful at all. I will come back in couple of months. Thank you.