Prof. Paweł Knapp Gynecologist , Oncologist

Gynecologist Dr  Paweł Knapp

Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology as well as Gynaecologic Oncology. A graduate of the Medical University in Białystok, he has gained his clinical experience in prominent medical facilities all around the world.

He has worked in such healthcare institutions as Memorial Sloan-Kattering Cancer Center in New York, the Charite health centre in Berlin, Hadassah Medical Center in Israel, as well as at universities in Germany, Sweden, France, the Czech Republic and California.
He is a recognized authority on colposcopy and has enormous experience in the surgical treatment of cervical cancer, ultra-radical procedures in ovarian cancer, and gynaecological laparoscopy treatment. As an obstetrician he has taken care of a large number of pregnant women, including those who underwent surgical oncology procedures. He has authored and co-authored many professional publications, participated in numerous conferences and an impressive number of training courses regarding the latest diagnostics and treatment methods. Beside his truly remarkable medical knowledge, Professor Paweł Knapp is known for his patience and a sense of humor in contacts with his patients. He approaches every patient individually and, what is possibly even more important, has a particular talent to explain the most complex medical issues in a clear and comprehensible way.

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I have been patient in the clinic for a couple of months. Staff is very helpful and professional. Prof P Knaopp is very helpful, approachable. He has an impressive knowledge and really cares for a patient.

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Great, a lot of information. Very pleased, very understandable.
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Nothing to complain about. Such a confident person, all the questions u ask u get answer straight. So happy that someone recommended me doctor. Right place, right person.