Danuta Mikinka Dietician

Dietician  Danuta Mikinka

She graduated from the Faculty of Health Education of the Higher School of Health Education and Social Sciences in Łódź.

Over 20 years of professional work, research conducted under the supervision of Prof. Loba regarding the combination of Atkins and PSMF unconventional diets with conventional diets in diabetic and cardiological patients, numerous courses and workshops – this is just a rough overview of our dietician’s experience.

As a qualified expert in her field she examines all sorts of food products, assesses their quality and nutritional value, as well as examines the way in which processing food makes it lose its valuable nutritional qualities.

She knows how our body reacts to the food we eat. She is able to prepare an individual eating plan for healthy persons as well as for those suffering from diseases such as diabetes, cancer, gastrointestinal tract dysfunctions, hypertension and cardiovascular problems. Her tasks include: planning and supervising the implementation of the diet; coordination of the eating plan; detecting, treating and preventing malnutrition; providing dietary counsel for children over 5 years old; preventing overweight and obesity.

Each eating plan is created taking into consideration patient’s energy demand, eating preferences, lifestyle and physical activity.

Privately, Danuta Mikinka is a happy wife and a mother of a dentistry student. She is passionate about travelling the world, looking for new interesting dishes and introducing them into her everyday life.

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