Dr Przemyslaw Mikulski Neurologist

Neurologist Dr Przemyslaw Mikulski

I graduated from Medical University in Poznan, Poland in 1991. I am a first degree specialist in internal disease and in neurology. I worked at the neurology ward in Miedzyleski Specialist Hospital in Warsaw and at the neurology ward in District Health Centre in Otwock. I’ve also gained extensive experience when I worked in neurology clinics, both in Poland and England. In my medical practice I diagnose and treat nervous system diseases, among others: headaches, back pain, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, neuropathy, demyelinating and vascular diseases of the brain. I constantly broaden my knowledge by participating in various courses and conferences. In my everyday work, I put much pressure on a good doctor-patient relationship. I strongly believe that apart from having extensive knowledge, individual approach to patients is an indispensable element of an accurate diagnosis and successful treatment.