Dr Irena Murakowska-Brzezicka Dentist with Special Interest in Orthodontics

Dentist with Special Interest in Orthodontics Dr Irena Murakowska-Brzezicka

Irena Murakowska-Brzezicka, a dentist and orthodontist, graduated from Medical Academy in Wrocław and completed a postgraduate course in cosmetology for medical doctors in the Katowice School of Economics.

She became interested in stomatognathic system dysfunctions during her studies and as a result chose orthodontic specialty and further education regarding masticatory function.

A regular participant of various training sessions here and abroad, she has gained invaluable expertise on the latest technology and trends in the treatment of malocclusion. She always confronts new information she comes across with her experience in the field, which gives her the possibility to choose the most suitable treatment method for every patient.

Masticatory organ is only a tiny fragment of our body. However, its functioning influences the whole musculoskeletal system, and its appearance – our psyche. That is why dr Murakowska-Brzezicka takes a holistic approach towards her patients and thoroughly analyses their needs. She follows the rule that each patient is a human being and as such has the right to be fully informed in order to be able to make decisions by themselves. Therefore, she never says no when her patient needs time to talk.

Apart from orthodontic braces she uses occlusal splints, manual therapy, and teaches autotherapy.

In her surgery she makes use of materials only from renowned manufacturers: ORMCO, GAC, American Orthodontics, Ortho Organizers.

And in her free time she finds pleasure in knitting and crocheting, dancing the tango, skiing, reading and travelling.

In Top Medical Clinic dr Murakowska-Brzezicka offers orthodontic treatment with the use of the following orthodontic devices and systems:

Synthesis metal brackets by ORMCO
Braces with Empower system
Transpalatal arch/Rotator/Expander
Hass and Hyrax Appliances
Forsus Appliance

If the patient provides full medical record, dr Murakowska-Brzezicka can continue the treatment in her surgery.

Client Testimonials 1

I would like to give highly positive feedback about Dr Irena Murakowska - Brzezicka. I have had braces for 3 years (the treatment was done by different orthodontist – Tooting) and since my braces were taken off I start receiving unpleasant sensation in my jaw neck, ears. I have found top Medical Clinic on internet and I’m so happy with Dr Irena Murakowska - Brzezicka way of trying to help me. Her knowledge, positive and kind attitude is very helpful. I just wish I had my orthodontic treatment done by her from the beginning, so I’m sure I won’t be suffering now. Highly recommended doctor.