Magdalena Piszczek Manager

Manager  Magdalena Piszczek

The hub of Top Medical Clinic is the reception room with our helpful team where, Magda had started her adventure with us. Magda – a sensitive, energetic, well-organised person with an unfailing sense of humour and immense buoyancy.
She has been working with us from the very first day, until now.
From July 2016, Magda has been looking after our patients and our practice as a Practice Manager.

She came to Great Britain in 2005, finished an actors college and later took up a job in a pharmacy, where she learned a lot about all kinds of medications, especially those available to patients without a prescription (OTC).
Communicative and dutiful, she feels great working with people. She can skilfully manage difficult and conflict situations, as well as gladly show initiative. She will happily answer all your questions related to our specialists, and services provided by Practice. It is also thanks to her diligent work each patient can be ensured that all queries will be taken seriously and she will do her best to sort out any concern immediately. She cares about atmosphere and patient service procedures. Magda takes patient’s health care as a priority.
As a Manager, she improves her knowledge about current regulations and procedures constantly, as they are essential to update our Clinic’s standards and services. She admits that her occupation can be challenging sometimes, but a great work team, and excellent medical care created by everyone at the Clinic helps her to forget about stress and go home smiling, ready for another challenging day.
In her free time, she indulges in a good book, especially Scandinavian crime stories and fantasy novels. Her all-time favourite writers are A. Sapkowski and J.R.R. Tolkien. Magda is also passionate about adventure and travel, spending her free time actively with friends. She has been a devoted vegetarian for 15 years.
Despite her medical interests, the already mentioned knowledge of therapeutic drugs and the fact that she has seen all series of Dr. House, she leaves our patients' health in the most trusted hands of our specialists.

Client Testimonials 3

It is beautiful, kind nice and beautiful.

Very successful visit, polite staff, friendly staff and managed to see me even though I was half an hour late. Clean premises and very professional. Would recommend.

Friendly service. Informative and helpful. If Another prescription is needed for the same issue, this is no further charge, which is appreciated.