Dr Tomasz Trochanowski Specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine

Specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine Dr Tomasz Trochanowski
Dr Trochanowski is a specialist in Rehabilitation Medicine (Fellow of European Board of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine – FEBPRM).
He also specializes in podiatry, especially in treating ingrown nails. 
He graduated from the Poznan University of Medical Sciences. During his professional career, he worked as a Consultant in the Neurorehabilitation Ward in Nottingham. Currently he works both in the UK and Poland.
In his daily practice he is mainly involved in:
  • reating ingrown nails (using both conservative and surgical methods)
  • treating other podiatric conditions, also those related to incorrect foot biomechanics and stride biomechanics
  • treating spinal pain, e.g. by means of the McKenzie therapy
  • treating orthopaedic conditions, including joint pains (e.g. knee, shoulder)
  • administering intra-articular injections (platelet-rich plasma, hyaluronic acid)
  • devising appropriate rehabilitation program for patients complaining of orthopaedic and neurological disorders
  • regenerative medicine procedures (PRP).