Dr Magdalena Wolinska Dentist

Dentist Dr Magdalena Wolinska

She graduated from the Pomeranian Medical Academy in Szczecin in 1997. Her professional interests revolve mainly around what modern stomatology can offer, including implantology, prosthetics and dental microscopy.

In constant pursuit of raising her qualifications, she actively participates in a variety of courses, trainings and conferences. The combination of her unique skills and the current advances in surgery, implantology and prosthetics makes it possible for her to help her patients regain confidence and a beautiful smile! Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, carefully chosen procedures and professional knowledge, a visit to Dr Wolińska's surgery is not a synonym of pain and fear, but rather professionalism and a healthy smile. Her priority is the patient, their comfort and treatment. A happy wife and a mother of two, loves to spend time with her family hiking in the mountains.

Client Testimonials 36

Very good service overall. Good Advice given . Lots of anesthetic when I was still in pain, it's nice that they didn't want me to feel any pain . My only issue is that it's a bit expensive but I understand why so it's cool.

Very good, professional service in nice atmosphere. Relaxed.

I was impressed, she was really good. Thanks

I was impressed, she was really good. Thanks

The best dentist ever. Professional, extremely friendly. I felt very confident ,relaxed, fully informed, very well looked after. I always look forward to coming her for appointment.

Very polite doctor, willing to answer my all questions. Professional service

I felt very comfortable and extremely well treated. Being quite afraid of dentist. I felt like my treatment went very smoothly. Dr Wolinska is very patient.

Very pleasant, good cleaning and feedback. Will visit again in 4 months’ time. Thank you in advance.

Very professional. I am happy I didn’t feel any pain at all.

Very Helpful, professional, highly recommended.